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Innosol’s AI powered fragrance creation platform, Aroma-Tune, lets users to create personalized Aromas and Perfumes for a small business or for fun based on their needs, wants, and desires. Our AI is currently being used by master perfumers to create best selling perfumes. AromaTune, an innovative, AI-driven fragrance app launched by American perfume manufacturer Innosol, helps clients to transform their ideas into aromatic works of art.

AromaTune: The Eco-Friendly Option

Our AI algorithm has been modified to give sustainability top priority when recommending scent combinations. It is made to prioritize ingredients that are renewable and kind to the environment. Our AI-powered technology is able to optimize current formulas in terms of environmental impact in addition to producing new sustainable perfumes.

Yes, humans are still needed; we are also human perfumers!

The first algorithmic fragrance creation program, Aroma-Tune connects the honor and tradition of the past with the state-of-the-art technology of the present. However, when it comes to perfecting a formula to reach the ideal olfactory balance, we human perfumers still have the last say. We also rely on studying best practices from the very best perfumers. The art and skill of a veteran perfumer are elements that AI continues to try and replicate.

In 2020, we at Innosol reached a significant milestone when we incorporated Aroma-Tune into our workflow as a source of inspiration.  Since the formulas were so polished, well-crafted and inspiring, many of our perfumers couldn’t imagine working without them.

It’s safe to assume that each scent found on the shelves of upscale retailers now has a splash of AI innovation, even though we humans still have the final say in matters of policy. As a result, human perfumers may now concentrate on higher priority projects and are liberated from several time-consuming technical and manual tasks, unleashing a great deal of creative potential. Expert noses and exceptionally gifted scent visionaries don’t need to be concerned about finding a job.

Big Businesses are hedging their bets on R&D: In-House Fragrance & Innovation

Adding Fragrance AI technology to R&D programs is becoming more affordable and very tempting for firms. Numerous sectors have seen the benefits of AI software, which saves a significant amount of money, labor, and time. Although a lot of upscale niche brands would never admit to using AI or acknowledge doing so for a variety of reasons, we are seeing a rise in its popularity and watching as the floodgates start to open.

Top-Secret: In-House R&D Fragrance Initiatives

Many leading brands want the ability to capture new trends in the rapidly evolving fragrance & flavor, and personal care markets with timely, reliable, and affordable data. However, they don’t have the time or expertise to reverse engineer thousands of perfumes and fragrances on the market today. This is where we shine. We provide leading brands with the data they need to make informed decisions about their products.

With over 24 years of experience in reverse engineering, Innosol’s Global Fragrance Program offers formulas and access to technological know-how to the candle, air freshener, detergent, household chemical, and personal care product industries. Innosol’s multidisciplinary team of perfumers, chemists, and market research professionals analyzes over 750 unique fragrances and perfumes annually to give the most comprehensive picture of current industry trends. Reach out to us right now.


AI Fragrance Creator, AromaTune

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