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Create the Next Best Selling Perfume of all Time, using our AI Fragrance Creator, for free

Why Choose Aroma-Tune?

Create your favorites.

Our AI perfume creator and your text prompts generate algorithmically optimized aromas with full production formulas you will adore.

Formula creation made easy.

We’ll help you perfect your formula using our years of experience, AI, machine learning & patterns found in best sellers.


How does your new formula stack up. Our pro-grade metrics make it easy. Ai Generated Longevity, AI Trending Pattern, AI Pattern Likeability, & AI Probability of Success.

Samples in 15 Minutes

An Affordable, personal dosing/compounding machine for your home or office. Enterprise Accounts.

Make it yours.

Formula ownership, patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright, full ingredient transparency. Enterprise Accounts Only.

Samples in your hands in about
15 minutes.

Got questions?

Aroma-Tune makes it simple to create perfumes. Here is a quick overview.

  1. Go to and log in or sign up (it’s free). 
  2. Type your prompt in the message box on the AromaTune home page. 
  3. Once Aroma-Tune creates a formula, you have several options:
    • Enter a new prompt. 
    • Regenerate the response.
    • Copy the response. 

To get started using Aroma-Tune, you will first need to create an account (it’s free). To do this, go to, and click Sign up. You can use an email address, or you can sign in with your Google or Microsoft account. If you use an email address, you’ll be required to do a phone verification just to make sure you are a human.

Type your prompt (or text query) in the message bar of the home page, and hit Enter.In just a few seconds, Aroma-Tune will generate out a formula.

To get the best results from Aroma-Tune, write a clear prompt with sufficient context.

Ex: Create a perfume, for a 33 year old woman, with grapefruit, citrus, amber, and sandalwood. I like the vibe of Bond #9, Lafayette Street and Black Opium.

A key feature of Aroma-Tune is its ability to make adjustments on the fly.

If the formula isn’t quite what you’re looking for, adjust the prompt accordingly and resubmit.

Aroma-Tune is an algorithmically optimized AI perfume creator that lets you create millions of aromas, fragrances, & flavors.

Text to Formula Technology

We trained our models using similar techniques employed by expert perfumers. It’s algorithmically-optimized aromas cut the aroma creation time to a fraction.

Aroma-Tune analyzes your text input and builds a customized fragrance formula for you in seconds. It has a checks and balances system in place to ensure accuracy. Using your text prompt, It analyzes marketing data from thousands of top brands and lists top products with the same vibe or pattern. Next it provides you with a custom formula and ai generated longevity, pattern, and success percentage. The robotic dosing option lets you create a sample. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes.


Aroma-Tune gives you ownership rights which is huge in this industry. Aroma-Tune also offers you the ability to create a perfume using today’s top technology that historically has only been available to perfumers at the largest fragrance houses.

Best of all, you can run our software from your computer using a web browser with no app. to install. Since you own the formulas, you can choose to share your creations with the entire AT community or with your closest friends.

Aroma-Tune has a free, ad-supported tier which is the most flexible option if you want to try your luck at creating perfumes without paying for the software.

Aroma-Tune’s mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by giving everyone in the world the opportunity to create aromas, perfumes, fragrances & flavors and own, license and make a living off their art, or just share and enjoy their unique creations.

Let’s Do This!

It’s Free for 1 month, then $12.99 per month after. Offer only available if you haven't tried Premium before.

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