ChatGPT for Perfume Formulas

AromaTune AI Fragrance Creation App, innosol


We are the ChatGPT for Perfume Formulas. With Aroma-Tune, Innosol’s AI powered scent creation platform, users can create personalized aromas and perfumes for work or for fun  based on their wants, needs, and desires. 

The rapidly evolving Aroma-Tune platform uses natural language processing to help users access relevant information based on text prompts. Instead of users having to build mixtures, 1 ingredient at a time, and try & test & sample & adjust & try & test hundreds of times. Aroma-Tune provides  instant feedback. When our robotic dosing machine is employed, samples are received in as little as 15 minutes.

AT is also instrumental in unlocking the full potential of human creativity. AT offers ownership rights to the formulations, and when properly protected, the formulas can be licensed to leading brands to give creators an opportunity to receive royalties any time their unique perfume is used.

Come and Discover How our AI Fragrance Program and our AI Perfume Generator are Revolutionizing Manufacturing. We provide users with over 30,000 of today’s hottest selling perfume and fragrance formulas used in an assortment of industries (candles, perfumes, personal care, I&I, etc.) We digitized thousands of today’s hottest fragrance formulas so leading brands can learn from their successes. Top Brands are also using our digitized datasets and AI Perfume Generator to create sustainable formulations with full formula ownership rights.

AromaTune Investors

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect more disruptive innovation, streamlining outdated processes, and creating new possibilities. Over the past few decades, new developments have significantly accelerated the process of digital transformation.

The diversity and prevalence of technology in daily life make a strong argument for adding technology as a core element of investor portfolios. When you invest in Aroma-Tune, you are not only investing in our creation technology, you are investing in all of the people, who create perfumes, that have always wanted the opportunity to receive ownership rights and royalties for the perfumes they create. 

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