Our Aroma-Tune® software includes 30,000 best selling perfume formulas, global brands, candles, & pharma

Aroma-Tune, Blurring the lines between Chemistry, Engineering & Technology

Aroma-Tune: Unlock the Black Box of Fragrance formulas with our Fragrance Creation Instrument.

Create anything with Innosol’s Aroma-Tune…

Our fragrances are crafted by perfection

Create new fragrances using your library and our proven accords or explore a massive and expanding collection of exclusive formulations from cutting-edge perfumers. 

High-end luxury fragrances

Automatically slice up samples and create them in-house to discover new scents and creations you never knew were possible.

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No-nonsense, organic scents

Our scents are crafted from excellence with beautiful, wholesome, organic ingredients.