AI Driven Fragrance Creation

Like ChatGpt for perfume formula AromaTune, Innosol
Like ChatGpt for perfume formula AromaTune Innosol

AI Driven Perfume Creation

Our AI is currently being used by master perfumers to create bestselling perfumes. AromaTune, an innovative, AI driven fragrance creation app launched by American perfume manufacturer Innosol, helps clients to transform their ideas into aromatic works of art.

 I’d like to start off by saying, we get it. We realize Not everyone is in favor of using AI to create perfumes. But if AI can help provide efficiency through task automation, data analysis for informed decisions, assistance in safer ingredient usage, and the advancement of a safer perfume industry, we are all in. I’ve found that it brings more people into the industry, and give suggestions in seconds, saving time & money, and suggests sustainable ingredients. These are all well worth the time and effort we’ve put into it.

Secondly, we just launched our Beta software knowing it’s not perfect and made it available to the public. Our Beta version is a little raw, but we are improving the software every day.

Aroma-Tune® starts with a brief and puts weights on demographics, locations, odor qualities, emotions, marketing, etc. It decides which ingredients to choose by location and at what time of year, chemistry, solubility, organoleptics, and stability. Using IFRA standards, and medical data to suggest optimal combinations. It’s free to try, no sign in required.

Our AI platform creates a perfume formula like we do (since we trained it) & optimizes based on marketing statistics.

Symrise & IBM created Philra
IFF partnered with Salus Optima
Givaudan created Carto
Firmenich uses a rule-based formulation generation model

But you will never have access to these programs unless you work for one of the big 4. And if you do work for one of the majors, you will never be allowed to discuss it.

However, you now have FREE & OPEN access to ours. We basically opened up our app to the public to show the possibilities of using ai in perfume creation.

I personally have no idea how the big (4 F&F Houses) systems work, as we’ve always been an independent, but we created our apps to help us internally with inspiration, as well as save time & effort, while using sustainable ingredients. We’re nearing 24 years in the frag. business, and just wanted to show this forum the possibilities of ai.

Perfume is by far an almost impossible nut to crack. That’s why we’re tackling it head on. Industrial fragrances, candles, and some personal care aromas are relatively simple for ai to craft, as are accords & bases, using a relatively small number of ingredients, but, it’s also equally important to build personal experience and experiment and learn how to craft your own.

I’ll close by adding a personal note. My worn-out copy of Hawley’s condensed chemical dictionary and perfume books written in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s, were great resources for the time period… but it’s now 2023. I jotted down all of things I wished for over the years and wanted to see in a fragrance creation app and punched this app out. A few years ago, everyone said it’s impossible to create a perfume creation app…

& Maybe they are all right! 

But possibly you should be more concerned about the billion-dollar behemoths in the fragrance industry, who use ai & they’ve spent tens of millions of dollars on these state-of-the-art ai perfume creation systems. Yet they underplay its importance & role in perfume creation…. Why would they do this? The economics just don’t make sense. 

I’m guessing to keep the nostalgia of perfume creation alive, & a secret. I mean, no one wants to wear a perfume created by 0’s and 1’s, right?

Questions From Power Users?  We have Answers!

  1. Why are the formulas so long? Actually, ATX’s formulas are industry standard. Many top brands have 70 – 100 plus ingredients, and again, these are name brand perfumes and colognes loved by all. The main problem is that you likely have not ever had access to these formulas. We programmed the algorithm for inspiration and to choose sustainable ingredients as well as study patterns loved by all, which does require more than a handful of ingredients.
  2. I just want a simple accord? Unfortunately, we programmed our algorithm to create complex perfumes, not simple accords. 
  3. Who created Aroma-Tune: We’re Innosol, Inc., a 24-year-old indie fragrance house using our proprietary datasets & formulary, algorithm’s, etc.
  4. Why does ATX generate 2 formulas? You receive 2 formulas, based on the way we programmed the app and our preferences for inspiration. We also created the system to study “human” speech in the brief, so if the commercial perfumes are off, the prompt needs to be reworded, not the other way around. We give a demo on how to use the app, which answers a lot of common questions, and helps users fine tune their results, but it’s amazing that users are getting pretty good results trying the system “cold”.
  5. I asked for 8 lines only and it gave me 45? Unlike ChatGPT, you can only ask ATX for certain things that it’s programmed to do. Again, it was created to give our perfumers inspiration. We have a preferred way to write a brief for optimum results and all that is discussed during a demo. It’s really good at doing what its programmed to do.. but seeing all the random prompts… Even in its raw form, it’s not so bad at that either, so we’re betting that ai does have a place in perfume creation.
  6. Social Media is on fire over this one. Aroma-Tune created an amazing formula that everyone is talking about. I’ve heard people raving about the Aroma-Tune optimized formula for Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry? Care to comment?  Yes, Thanks and we’ve received some amazing feedback when users type in “Tom Ford, Lost Cherry.  Try it for yourself and let us know.

A few years ago, everyone said it is literally impossible to program a perfume creation app… now that we’ve created Aroma-Tune, They are not saying that anymore.

Our AI perfume creator and your text prompts generate algorithmically optimized aromas with full production formulas you will adore

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