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Payment methods

There are multiple ways to pay for a Aroma-Tune Premium plan, including:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Prepaid cards
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards
  • Pay by mobile
  • Pay as you go


Note: We may offer different payment methods depending on the country or region you’re in.

To see what payment methods are available where you are, go to choose a plan, and all the payment options for your account’s location will be on the next page. You won’t be charged until you submit your payment info.

Login methods

View the methods you can use to log in to your account.


You can also manage the accepted login methods by adding/removing them from your account page.


Log in to view current login methods


Manage login methods

Current login methods lists all the ways you can access your Aroma-Tune account. You can use any of the methods listed to log in.


You can add more login methods to add new options for logging in.


Add a login method

Go to your account page.

Under Available login methods, select Add next to the method you want to enable.

Note: If you see an Edit button next to Available login methods, click on it and verify yourself to start making changes.

Confirm the login details for your chosen method. Once successful, the new method is added to Current login methods.

Note: It’s not possible to add the same login details to multiple Aroma-Tune accounts. If your chosen login is already connected to an existing account, try a different method, or see Can’t remember login details.


Remove a login method

Go to your account page.

Under Current login methods, select Remove next to the method you want to disable.

Select Yes, remove to confirm removal.

Choose our Premium & Enterprise Plans and enjoy licensed ownership of your formulations. Cancel anytime.


What you’ll get using Aroma-Tune’s Premium plans


Ad-free Creator Page                                                              X

Ai Generated Longevity Ranking                                            X

AI Trending Pattern                                                                 X

AI Pattern Likeability                                                               X

AI Probability of Success                                                         X

Free Automatic Updates Across all Products                         X

Download files to use Offline                                                 X

CAS Numbers                                                                          X

Individual Ingredient Pricing per Pound                                 X

Licensed Ownership Rights                                                     X

IFRA Information including dermal sensitizers.                      X

App to Connect to Robotic Compounding Machine              X

You Dream it & Ai reads it, writes it, & robotically creates it, in about 15 minutes end to end.      

Coming Soon.

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