Generate Fragrance & Flavor Formulas with AI

Automatically write unique, engaging and high-quality formulas using our Perfumer-less system: for perfumes or candles to digitized formulations in seconds.

What Fragrance Should AI Create?

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Perfumer Grade Formulas for Scented Products

In factories and labs, in home offices and on the road, Aroma-Tune helps entrepreneurs, manufacturers, startups and brands create the fleeting dream of a scent.

Aroma-Tune, Innosol’s AI Fragrance Creator

Aroma-Tune brings imagination to life, producing stunning perfumes, fragrances & flavors in seconds. Our text-to-formula technology builds on our formulary database, AI, trade secrets, bases, accords, creativity, and expertise in machine learning.

Turn imagination into a fragrance formula.

Our AI Fragrance Creator brings ideas to life, producing stunning perfumes and fragrances & flavors in seconds. Unleash creativity and express yourself and your brand in new ways with the power of AI.

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